This may not qualify as a DIY but I am very pleased with myself today. I have a home with 9 foot ceilings that curve into the wall. They seem to attract cobwebs. Being a short woman of a certain age my arms get very tired trying to reach up and vacuum the cobwebs. I took off the heavy wand from the vacuum cleaner and taped an empty wrapping paper tube to it so that I could vacuum without injuring myself. I was done in no time at all without having to take numerous breaks. Clean ceilings and now the tube is folded up in the recycle bin. Score one of out of the box thinking.

I have to confess

I have to confess…many of the authors I hire are not from the US, Canada, UK, or Australia. In fact, some of them may be “non-native” English speakers.

But the reality is that they write as well or better than many US based writers. Why?

Well, MANY other countries are educated entirely in English. So, if you can find someone with a college degree (or sometimes master’s degree) that writes English just as well as someone in the US…AND they are cheaper, why wouldn’t you hire them?

I’ve recently started using a content service called, Content Pit that I’ve been really happy with. The founder is Youssef, and he’s from Egypt. He has written for multiple sites of mine…including Niche Pursuits. He has assembled an excellent team of writers that are not from the US, but you would never know it. They are intelligent and speak English perfectly…and they are half the price or less than “US based” writers would charge.

Long story short, if you are looking for a great writing service at an affordable price, check out Content Pit here (and get 20% extra content for free):

Hi everyone

I couldn’t find a straight forward answer really to this question

One of my sites (HPD built) has quite a few review articles, and in a very short period of time, it seems that some of the products are no longer available on Amazon. I have read conflicting information about deleting posts – either it’s going to affect my ranking or it won’t matter one bit.

Should I

  • a) delete the articles,
  • b) put them in draft and hope the products become available again in the future, or
  • c) if I shouldn’t delete the articles, simply state the article is no longer available, which seems kind of pointless (I can’t find it anywhere else either except for a couple of drop shipping stores).

The name of the product is in the post title and I was told that to change the title and replace the content with a new product will not do any good for SEO.

Any concrete answer would be appreciated

Bike Racks for Trucks

As a pickup the owner and intending to transport one or more bicycles, you will be required to nurse them accordingly. They should be offered ample space and not getting tossed at the back of your truck and yet intend them to give you services. Bicycles should be handled with care; I know I do.

Personally, when I look for products to use, I normally have my preferences, and therefore I can’t go for any product just because it is on the market. For this reason, when looking for a bicycle rack to put or install on your vehicle in order to help in transportation of your bicycles, you need to know whether it will serve you the way you need since they can’t be all the same. Let us take time and discuss some of the available bicycle racks to fit on your truck.

Inno Vello Gripper Bike Rack for Truck

Are you that truck owner looking for a way to transport your bikes together without foregoing your cargo?

The Inno Vello Gripper type of bike rack is very economical on space. It installs on the side of the trailer of your truck without any holes or tools in involvement.

If you decide to go for mounts to attract tie-down straps, then you will get D-rings for each and every mount. If not, you will get two mounts with ratcheting holders. This will help you to have you will have these fitted at
all time in order to keep your bike secured at all time while there is still space for important cargo.

Thule 501 Insta-Gater rack

This is my personal favorite. It offers massive protection to your bikes on the truck that can avoid costs such as maintenance and damages. It sports rims with a diameter of about 20 to 29 inches and can fit bikes weighing 50 pounds. You can install a maximum of three tailgates having at least 51 inches of width. This applies when you want to transport more than one bike.

The important thing is that when I decide to go for this type, it will not be necessary for me to drill my truck bed but to place it on my truck bed ensuring the rubber tabs are placed between the tailgate and the truck bed then close the tailgate.

Swagman Adjustable rack

This type of Bike rack is known for its durability and its offering value for money. It is adjustable as the name suggests and can fit the width of your truck bed even when bought while big. The rubber installed on its ends is used to protect the body of your truck. It weighs about 12 pounds and can support about three times its weight in bicycles.

Pipeline Racks

Do you have a pickup truck of around 58.4 inches? This is the perfect rack for your truck bed. It is loved for its stability on the trucks. You will need to use its straps to fasten it tight during its fitting to your car. This will not take that long to complete. It can only hold two bikes.

Top Line UG2500

I like this one because it just two minutes you will be done the fixing. It weighed about 4 pounds and designed to hold two bikes. It offers flexibility since the rail can be placed anywhere on your truck bed. More importantly, it does not need you to drill your truck for fitting

How to Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower

            Electric lawn mowers offer multiple advantages over gas models – they are often quieter, easier to handle, and require only an outlet to keep power. Not requiring gasoline or oil, these machines are often much less susceptible to the constant need of tune-ups that gas-powered ones constantly need. There also is less worry in the form of tainted gasoline, which can wreck these smaller engines. This isn’t to say that these mowers require absolutely zero maintenance.

            Like any machine, there are a few tips you need to look out for. Maintenance of an electric lawnmower isn’t necessarily a difficult affair, but should never be overlooked. Taking only a few minutes each cutting session in keeping this machine in proper working order is not only easy but has multiple benefits for you and the environment.