This may not qualify as a DIY but I am very pleased with myself today. I have a home with 9 foot ceilings that curve into the wall. They seem to attract cobwebs. Being a short woman of a certain age my arms get very tired trying to reach up and vacuum the cobwebs. I […]

Hi everyone

I couldn’t find a straight forward answer really to this question One of my sites (HPD built) has quite a few review articles, and in a very short period of time, it seems that some of the products are no longer available on Amazon. I have read conflicting information about deleting posts – either it’s […]

How to Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower

            Electric lawn mowers offer multiple advantages over gas models – they are often quieter, easier to handle, and require only an outlet to keep power. Not requiring gasoline or oil, these machines are often much less susceptible to the constant need of tune-ups that gas-powered ones constantly need. There also is less worry in […]