Hi everyone

I couldn’t find a straight forward answer really to this question

One of my sites (HPD built) has quite a few review articles, and in a very short period of time, it seems that some of the products are no longer available on Amazon. I have read conflicting information about deleting posts – either it’s going to affect my ranking or it won’t matter one bit.

Should I

  • a) delete the articles,
  • b) put them in draft and hope the products become available again in the future, or
  • c) if I shouldn’t delete the articles, simply state the article is no longer available, which seems kind of pointless (I can’t find it anywhere else either except for a couple of drop shipping stores).

The name of the product is in the post title and I was told that to change the title and replace the content with a new product will not do any good for SEO.

Any concrete answer would be appreciated

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