I have to confess

I have to confess…many of the authors I hire are not from the US, Canada, UK, or Australia. In fact, some of them may be “non-native” English speakers.

But the reality is that they write as well or better than many US based writers. Why?

Well, MANY other countries are educated entirely in English. So, if you can find someone with a college degree (or sometimes master’s degree) that writes English just as well as someone in the US…AND they are cheaper, why wouldn’t you hire them?

I’ve recently started using a content service called, Content Pit that I’ve been really happy with. The founder is Youssef, and he’s from Egypt. He has written for multiple sites of mine…including Niche Pursuits. He has assembled an excellent team of writers that are not from the US, but you would never know it. They are intelligent and speak English perfectly…and they are half the price or less than “US based” writers would charge.

Long story short, if you are looking for a great writing service at an affordable price, check out Content Pit here (and get 20% extra content for free):

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