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Four causes of hand wrist pain

As a person, you are vulnerable to a lot of risks in the environment, and you can be in the wrong place. Some of the common ailments that people get from different activities are hand wrist. When you have a wrist pain, it is so much alike to having broken arms. Some of the signs you experience include swelling of the affected area, severe pain, bruising, and tenderness. Some people may even experience numbness and a decrease in temperature around the broken area. Four causes of hand wrist pain

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Falling or slipping

One of the most causes of hand wrist is falling or slipping. The impact as you fall on the ground can break the bonesĀ of your wrists. People also tend to support their weight with their hands which can increase the possibility of acquiring the condition. It can become worse if you fall in an outstretched position.

Calcium deficiency

Even if you are not actively playing sports, you can still get a hand wrist. This usually happens if you have a calcium deficiency. Calcium helps in strengthening the bones. If you do not have enough of it, your bones will be weak, and you will be more vulnerable to having bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Removed cast early

The best way to treat a hand wrists by wearing a cast. The cast will prevent unnecessary movements that can worsen the condition. However, there are some cases when people still feel pain even after the cast is removed. It will take time before you wrist recovers completely, therefore, you need to be patient about it. Also, you need to take care of the affected area still to prevent the condition from recurring. Recovery can take up to three to four months depending on the severity of the condition. Pain killers and other medications may also be required during the healing process.

Playing sports

Hand wrist can also be athjgshvjhsvdhsddhvhdsjhsdjhsvjhdvssdvsdvsdvdsvtained from playing sports especially racquet games such as badminton and tennis. This is particularly the case for intense games that involve the strenuous use of the wrists and hands. Activities like jumping and running can also cause hand wrist. Sports enthusiasts are often victims because they often use their bodies too much when practicing and playing games. Accidents can also result to fractured bones because of the great impact.

It is important to see the doctor if your wrists break immediately. Do not touch it to prevent the situation from becoming worse. You also need to be patient with your recovery. Ask your doctor for some helpful exercises that can help you recuperate faster.


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