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Five Reasons To Learn Muay Thai

Martial Art

Any martial artist can attest to the fact that Muay Thai is one the most powerful and effective martial arts in the world. Muay Thai, also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” utilizes a beautiful symphony of punches, kicks, elbows and knee with fluidity and grace. Muay Thai Virginia Beach classes equip you with the necessary skills to defend yourself. Also, it allows you to unleash your inner warrior. Here are five reasons why you should consider learning this form of Thai martial art.

1. Increased Cardiovascular ConditioningasdcascaSDcASDd

Muay Thai is an exercise that is both aerobic and anaerobic in nature and as such it puts a lot of pressure to your cardiopulmonary systems. With continued practice and as your body gets used to this art, improved cardiovascular performance is one of the greatest benefits.

2. Leg Strength

There is a lot of footwork and kicking involved in Muay Thai. The roundhouse kick is one movement which is unique to Muay Thai. Learning how to kick is of great importance as it helps to strengthen the muscles of the lower body. Practicing various footwork and kicks involved in this art will benefit all muscles in your lower body. From force production, muscle endurance, agility this form of martial arts delivers.

3. Improved Core Strength

Most of the movements involved in Muay Thai like clinching, defending and striking are rotational in nature, which can help in developing and strengthening core strength. A punch in the breadbasket can also help in strengthening the core. In Muay Thai a strong core is of great importance as it is the foundation of coordination, balance, posture, stability, speed, and agility. A strong core is also is also needed to defend yourself against strikes to your midsection.

4. Increased Hip Mobility

With continued practice, the kneeing and kicking movements in this sport helps to increase your hip mobility. Good hip flexibility helps to prevent lower back pain and injury as well as increased performance in other sports such as athletics and swimming. The flexibility also allows you to perform movements like kicking more efficiently.

sadxasdVsdsdx5. Stress Relief

For individuals who are always stressed out from the pressures of work, Muay Thai can be a great stress reliever. Working wonders for both physical and mental health, this martial art can be a nice outlet.

To sum it up, Muay Thai is an ideal form of martial art for everyone. It requires you to use almost all parts of the body and as such it can be a very effective way of working out. As an aerobic exercise, it can help you to lose weight get fit. As an anaerobic exercise, this martial art can help you to improve your strength and build muscles. Its movements would also help you improve your leg strength, hip mobility, and core strength.


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